About me

I'm a product designer with front-end chops who loves to design and prototype sleek, simple, and gorgeous experiences that improve people's lives. Currently, Iā€™m thinking a lot about trust and safety in multi-sided platforms, but still hold a soft spot for behavior change through habit design and data visualization.

I started designing in high school and never stopped. My education background is in HCI and Media Arts, with a research interest in behavior change and data visualization. I've also hacked Nintendo Wiimotes, built apps for the Microsoft Surface, and prototyped hardware with the Arduino (check out my audio visualizer and semi-viral Super Mario Bros on an 8x8 LED matrix). When not designing, I'm photographing people, escaping all the rooms, and learning another instrument or language. I'm unabashedly addicted to claw machines and boba.


Escape rooms I've done