Interaction Design Studio
Spring 2012



Based on our interviews, we created three personas to portray example users of happystance.

Barbara Susan Ben
Age 72 68 38
Activities Retired accountant, teaches French Retired teacher, gardening, volunteer Data analyst for corporate company
Story Spent most of her life in Pittsburgh, traveled when young Moved to Pittsburgh from eastern PA 10 years ago to be closer to her sons Grew up in Pittsburgh, got Masters degree from Heinz College at CMU
Living situation Lives with dog in urban apartment Lives with husband in urban house Lives with wife and daughter in nice urban neighborhood
Transportation Drives car Takes bus Drives car
Frequently visited places Grocery store, senior center, gym, church Grocery store, museum, theater, library, local restaurants, church His workplace downtown, gym, daughter’s elementary school
Close ones Son, 6 good friends 2 sons, 3 close friends Mother, family, several work buddies
Limitations Wears glasses, first stage Parkinson's Arthritis, hearing aid None
Technology use Email, iPhone that used to be son's Email, feature phone, texts iPhone, PC at work which he does data analysis on
Goals Stay independent, keep active and fit Stay mobile, get involved Take care of family, stay healthy
Quote "I need to stay active so that I can maintain my independence!" "It's important to stay mobile and be involved with the community." "My family is extremely important to me."


We highlighted two scenarios in which our personas interact with happystance; one in which a notification turns into socialization, and one where the notification is ignored. Click on timeline or scenarios to enlarge.


We made some initial rough sketches to outline the application screens, starting with whiteboard sketches to allow us to rapidly iterate, then moving to paper sketches.