Interaction Design Studio
Spring 2012


Project Goals

The goal of this project is to design a mobile application concept for helping urban elders retrieve location information about friends and family members in support of opportunistic rendezvous.

Happÿstance is an mobile application that notifies users when friends and family are nearby, and smartly turns itself on or off depending on users’ schedule and location. It is geared towards urban elders to help facilitate serendipitous social exchanges on-the-go.

Happÿstance is a 7-week team project for Interaction Design Studio, taught by Eric Paulos in Spring 2012 at Carnegie Mellon.


Chloe Fan

Chloe is a 3rd year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon’s HCII. Her background is in Media Arts & Sciences and Psychology, and her research focuses on themes intersecting data visualization, behavior change, and personal informatics.

Susie Liu

Susie is a grad student in Carnegie Mellon’s HCII. Her background is in Graphic Design and Public Relations. She has extensive experience in multidisciplinary design, and she aims to solve real problems by integrating information, brands and visual systems, with human empathy.

Nick Yeh

Nick is a grad student at Carnegie Mellon’s HCII. His background is in Visual Communication Design and Industrial Technology. He has 6+ years UI/UX related experience in the industry and he believes in user-centered design.