Research Process

Our research process consisted of surveys, expert interviews, and a review of current related technologies. We used our survey results to understand the status quo of interactions surrounding coffee shops. The expert interviews with researchers on this topic gave us insights as to what made certain experiences engaging. The review of current trends in these types of technologies showed us what was already out there, and how we could provide a better experience.


We surveyed 20 people on typical behaviors, openness to various social situations, representations of digital self, and emotions in coffee shops. To view the questions and the responses, you may download our results summary in PDF generated by Google Forms.


Expert Interviews

From our interviews with experts, we learned that there are several factors that make for an engaging public experience with an installation:

  • Interactive
  • Communicative
  • Simple
  • Elicits curiosity
  • Uses digital identity

These researchers also showed us the following interactive installations in public places that embodied these characteristics.

Review of Current Trends

While reviewing lots of cool technology online, we noticed these technologies surrounded four themes, which indicate the kind of experiences people are looking to create with ubiquitous technology in public areas. These technologies were also highly popular for bars, but not coffee shops, due to the more social nature of bars.

Keeping it cool

Better service

Multiplayer gaming

Mobile apps

Next, see our designs based on this preliminary research.